Gaijin Gunpla

RG Banshee Norn Review – 97.1%

Two of a good thing is not a bad thing

That other half of the armour

The Massive GN Sword

PG Exia Weapons

Where my Exia is currently at

Gettin’ Exia’s Head on Straight

Then there were the arms

What are Perfect Legs?

Let’s Waist Time!

Stop! Armour Time!

Lastly, a Perfect Head

Arms & Shoulders and their LEDs

Exia’s Wirey Legs

A Perfect Exia Torso

Exia’s First Stand

PG Exia [Lighting Model] – First Look!

Making the Norn a Banshee

PG Banshee Unicorn Mode Mini Gallery

PG Banshee Norn Photo Extravaganza

In Back of the Banshee

PG Unicorn (Unicorn Mode) Gallery

PG Unicorn 2 Banshee Norn

PG Progress

PG RX-0 – Hook it up!

PG RX-0 – Wire it up!

Finishing an RX-0 Frame

Bare Bones RX-0

My Perfect Grade Unicorn

PG Unicorn LED!

PG Astray Red Frame Gallery

My PG’s Red Frame

Perfect Weapons

Red Arms

A Perfect Cranium

A Perfect Bust – Part 2