Gaijin Gunpla

Making the Norn a Banshee

Expanding on the Expansion

PG Banshee Unicorn Mode Mini Gallery

PG Banshee Norn Photo Extravaganza

In Back of the Banshee

PG Unicorn (Unicorn Mode) Gallery

PG Unicorn 2 Banshee Norn

PG Progress

PG RX-0 – Hook it up!

PG RX-0 – Wire it up!

Finishing an RX-0 Frame

Bare Bones RX-0

My Perfect Grade Unicorn

PG Unicorn LED!

PG Astray Red Frame Gallery

My PG’s Red Frame

Perfect Weapons

Red Arms

A Perfect Cranium

A Perfect Bust – Part 2

A Perfect Bust – Part 1

Perfect amount of time

Too much PG!

Perfect time for a PG

Seeing (PG) Red

A Perfect Grade in a day – Pt. 4

A Perfect Grade in a day – Pt. 3

A Perfect Grade in a day – Pt. 2

A Perfect Grade in a day – Pt. 1

PG Strike Freedom ‘Courage’ Gallery

Gauntlet of the Apocalypse

PG Strike Freedom WIP 8

PG Strike Freedom WIP 7

PG Strike Freedom WIP 6

PG Strike Freedom WIP 5

PG Strike Freedom WIP 4