Gaijin Gunpla

I've been known to geek in moderation.

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Technically Saitama Super Arena

That just happened.

I GOT A... think about this a bit

bit of whining on my part.

The jury is still out.

Hey Ho! Ex Po!

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And your handlers as well!

is it good?

Back to Makuhari!

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Oh! (Oh my!)

All their love is for me!

Got game?

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Back to the routine.

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As you read this... I'm on a boat!

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The good stuff

I'm not a stalker, I'm Paparazzi!

The 51st but the first for me.

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Don't I already have this material?

Japan takes time to reflect.

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You folks abroad are finally realizing something I've known for some time now.

Let's hope we don't see the likes of you again.

Double the fun.

Of course, I went!

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No translation necessary. "Oh My!" is the same in all languages.

What did I see at the show?

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I have a duty...

You gotta be flexible.

But first, cheese!

When the cats are away the mouse will... get in his car.

Allow me to show you them showing themselves.

I actually bought something in shopping mecca

This is when I miss Canada the most.

My newest prized possession.