Gaijin Gunpla


The last in our series. For now.

Just can't get enough of 'em

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Important stuff!

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What's one more?

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Five years after X

Rounding out this kit

This intrigues me

PlayStation 2 made everything new

whoa nelly.

Same something different name?

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The last of the PSX Final Fantasies

Another nice prize

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Standing on its own two feet

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The one we all forget

*RG Aile Strike required

It's tough to look Setsuna in the eyes.

The one we all remember

Everyone has to try this once, right?

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Keep it. It looks good on you.

Getting nerdy, fantastically

The last step. Almost.

Time for round two.

It's a wolf

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It's a big one!

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Now with closed fists. Arrgh!

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Stage 2 of the Skygrasper kit

Had myself 20 minutes

It's so… pretty.

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Time for the big discussion. Or a discussion of the big

Another hand-painted beauty

First half of the set

Let's track our progress

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*%&^ just got Real

Another one down.

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