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Not long after the RG Unicorn Gundam, probably the best RG so far, we get the RG Banshee Norn. I’m happy to say that mine is finished, though I didn’t power through it as I did with the Unicorn, and now I’m here to write the review.

The majority of this review will be the same as with the RG Unicorn review. All those things I wrote then apply now, except for some changes which I’ll mention as we go along.

Overall Look: 10/10

Everything I wrote in the Unicorn review applies here except now you a different packpack and head mantle, which both look great in either mode.

I have written before how, with the RX-0 Unicorn, I prefer the Unicorn Mode but with the Banshee Norn, I prefer it’s Destroy Mode. The areas that differ between the Unicorn and Norn really stand out when Norn is in Destroy Mode.

Angles and edges everywhere!

This is magnified exponentially when you put the Armed Armour DE on but I’ll get to that shortly.

Colours: 9/10

It’s is more difficult to see the contours, edges, and panel lines on the dark Banshee than it is the Unicorn but I still like the contrast between the armour and the psychoframe. It’s tough to make out the RG trademark armour multi-tones on this kit, though. I could complain about the lame gold in places but being that gold isn’t featured too prominently, until you transform the backpack, it’s not such an eye sore in any way.

Weapons: 10/10

First off, boo for not including the bazooka. The Unicorn Bazooka is awesome and it’s not like Bandai hadn’t designed one already. Minus 1 point!

The two beam blades for the four handles are standard for the Unicorn RG kits but the addition on the rifle is quite cool if you are into mounted launchers.

You can take the launcher out of its mounts.

Pop off the end, spin the little cylinder found inside around the opposite way, and close it up again.

You then take these two parts.

Together they make a handle of sorts which Banshee can hold in one of his fixed-pose hands but, even cooler, after you plug the new beam effect part onto the end you can insert that back into the launcher.

This kit comes with a new connection part for the shield.

It seems to click on quite sturdily.

I gave a -1 one for lack of bazooka but I’m giving a +1 for the shield or, as it’s called here, the Armed Armour DE.

Extending it and opening up all the flaps and whatnot and this thing looks crazy.

You’ll need that new sturdy attachment cause it’s also heavy.

You can see I’ve transformed my Norn for that last shot so I’ll talk about the transformation in the Build Design segment of this review. Up next, though…

Articulation: 9/10

For a more in-depth look at the articulation of this kit see the RG Unicorn review. Here I will mention that even with the heavier backpack the Norn stands pretty solidly.

And the joints are rigid enough to support the extra weight on the end of the rifle.

I imagine the Armed Armour DE will take its toll on any joint but it’s good so far.

The new collar, with the ridges, does seem to affect the rotation in the neck joint.

It did seem to me, however, that I got more rotation when in Destroy Mode.

The side armour seems to clear the spikes on the ridges.

Build Design: 10/10

Again, see the Unicorn review for a lot more details. Here I will write about the transformation of the new areas such as the backpack. If you’ve built a Norn of any kind before I think you’ll know what you’re looking at.

Swing up the fins.

Rotate them around.

Swing them vertical.

Open the up and flip up the top center armour piece..

Then just flip open the top armour piece.

And enjoy!

He’s edgy.

The gimmick in the backpack allows the beam sabre handles to come out for use.

Unsurprisingly, I found the issue with the front skirts repeated itself on the Norn.

Nothing was changed in the design for this area of the kit so I had no expectation it would be different. Still found it frustrating trying to pop the part back on.

Fun Factor: 10/10

This category gets a higher score than that of the Unicorn? What’s up with that? Well, I think it has to be that I enjoy playing with this one more as it’s intended. I enjoy making it into Destroy Mode more than I did the Unicorn. Admittedly that’s mostly just for the looks but that badass shield is a lot of fun in its own right. I can also mount the DE to the Banshee’s back.


Extras: 10/10

RG sticker sheet – Check.

Extra fixed hands – Check.

Action base adaptor – Check.

The extra part allowing you to mount the DE on the back – Didn’t expect that.

You replace the adaptor for mounting to the arm.

Then plug it into a hole in the back of the backpack.

Extra optional V fins/antlers – check.

Pilot figure – check.

Beam effect part – check.

On top of that you have the unused parts which, if you were inclined, enable you to make a black unicorn.

The RG Banshee Norn is just as good as the RG Unicorn Gundam. Which you prefer comes down to which MS you like more. Either one is magnificent as a model.

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  1. irfan adnan says:

    Been thinking what if I switch the psychoframe with the Unicorn?
    Anyway, great for you to enjoy most builds so far. Don’t stressed out on building the Deep Striker. Hoping the Tallgeese would come soon enough to get an epic duet with Gundam Wing ver.EW

  2. Jolofsor says:

    I am probably going to paint mine. I don’t like the gold and the psychoframe of this kit

  3. noob_sauce says:

    Hey Syd!

    I’ve been reading and commenting on your site for a long time. I think I’ve even gotten a shoutout, once. Anyway, in all this time, I can’t believe it took me this long to have this idea. Here it goes.

    For the kit reviews, in the beginning, maybe in the score bar graph/chart, include a hyperlink to jump to that section of the review; Look, Color, Weapons, etc…

    There might be a lot of us go back to old reviews to look up a specific part, like what weapons are included in the kit, or where you could have some confusion during the build. I really think it would be a helpful addition,

    I have no idea how difficult that might be to code and incorporate into the site, but I hope it is something you could consider.

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