Gaijin Gunpla

I arrive at the end of my journey.

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A Winged Gundam needs legs? You bet!

There's a new blog in town.

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This is how I do it. (Part 2)

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This is how I do it. (Part 1)

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This is how I want to do damage!

Stands alone thanks to the included stand.

Putting the final paint on brings the end one step closer.

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More of the controversial Master Grade Delta Plus.

Before the review.

They're the most important part, right?

Help me!

But first, cheese!

When the cats are away the mouse will... get in his car.

Same as the Char's? No!

Can't paint! Gotta do something.

We've all been eagerly awaiting this one.

Keeping on keeping on.

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What's being worked on and being neglected August 2011 edition