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RG Z’Gok let’s go!

hardest part is starting

RG Char’s Z’Gok – First Look!

HG Schuzrum-Galluss Review – 82.9 %

Schuzrum-Galluss Mini WIP

HG Schuzrum-Galluss – First Look!

HG Zeta Plus Unicorn Ver – First Look!

HG V2 Gundam Review – 84.3%

限定 RG Exia Trans Am Mode!

HG Neo Zeong Review – 70%

HG Neo Zeong – First Look!

Zaku I Thunderbolt Review – 95.7%

HGBF Gouf R35 Review – 77.1%

HG Gundam F91 Review – 91.4%

Reader Submission

RS: Brian’s MG Sazabi Ver Ka!

Sweet Sazabi (but not mine)

Latest Reviews

HG Schuzrum-Galluss Review – 82.9 %

Still can't pronounce it properly

HG V2 Gundam Review – 84.3%

HG Neo Zeong Review – 70%

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PG Astray Red Frame Gallery

Too big to fit in the booth!

Aile Strike RM Gallery

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